Crackpot definition is - one given to eccentric or lunatic notions. How to use crackpot in a sentence. A crackpot is a colorfully strange or odd person. You might describe your neighbor as a crackpot if he keeps farm animals inside his house and wears a clown. Crackpot definition, a person who is eccentric, unrealistic, or fanatical. See more. Crackpot definition: If you describe someone or their ideas as crackpot, you disapprove of them because you | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. crackpot | American Dictionary a crazy or strange person: They obviously think we're a bunch of crackpots. What is the pronunciation of. NounEdit · (informal) An eccentric, crazy or foolish person. A kook. · (informal) Someone addicted to crack cocaine (i.e. a drug addict). Synonyms: crackhead. Define crackpot. crackpot synonyms, crackpot pronunciation, crackpot translation, English dictionary definition of crackpot. n. Crackpot · Crackpot, North Yorkshire, a village in the United Kingdom and home of Crackpot Cave · Crackpot Hall, a landmark ruin near Keld, North Yorkshire · Crank. Crackpot meaning Frequency: (informal) Eccentric or impractical. A crackpot idea. (informal) Someone addicted to crack cocaine (i.e. a drug addict). See. Hoda, the protagonist of Crackpot, is one of the most captivating characters in Canadian fiction.