Analogie by Todd Barton, released 14 October 1. timbral fantasie 2. altair II 3. composition #26 4. fades 5. homage entropical paradise 6. tides 7. After four decades of exploration Todd Barton continues to delve deeply This new album, analogie, is deeply influenced by Todd's passion. Start From Silence with Todd Barton, Bruce Bayard and Nathan Moody. Available on Nathan's bandcamp analogie compositions for the Buchla e Music Box. Todd Barton's Analogie - % Buchla "Analogie is deeply influenced by my passion for vintage electronic music. The sounds embrace the 's and 's. We are pleased to announce that Todd Barton is out now. We have a great lot of electronic releases so far and with Todds and also soon Jeff Uhlmanns Circuit. › emissions › moacrealsloa › todd-barton American composer, (analogue) synthesizer player, sound designer and multi-media performer Todd Barton still dives deep into the continually expanding. Your new release Analogie is recorded using the Buchla e. How long have you been using the e? I've had the e for about seven years but. [^PDF]->Read I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like: A Comprehensive Compilation of History's Greatest Analogies, Metaphors, and Similes BY Mardy Grothe Book. Todd Barton vertelt over zijn favoriete synthesizer: 'If you listen to a For Analogie Sessions, Voltage Control Amsterdam, together with.