Check if the amp or PA you are plugged into is turned on. If using a mixer, make sure it's not muted and that all cords are plugged in all the way. If you don't have another guitar. If the fault is not with the cable or amp it must be with the wires in the jack socket of the guitar. One last check plug it in to a tuner. If playing a string on your guitar produces no sound from the amplifier, there are a number of things that could be at fault. Yes it is normal. The gain is the volume control of the input of the amplifier. The signal flow of the tube amplifier goes: Gain (preamp input) to tone. Is your guitar volume turned up? Maybe even try unplugging the guitar and just touching the end of the cable with your thumb. Does it make a buzzing noise when. Hello, I got my Spark two months ago, but i got no time for testing. Now im home but i cant get Sound from the Guitar Input. The guitar and the cabel are. Therefore, you should start troubleshooting at the very beginning of the signal chain: If the amplifier is a guitar amp, confirm that the. Note: GUITAR RIG is an FX application and not a sound generator. In order to output sound, an audio signal (e.g. a guitar) must be. In the mean time, i have a 1/4 - 1/8th adapter plugged into my pc with guitar etc. Have checked line in volumes etc, no sound though! I've just bought a Yamaha THR10 guitar amp, but there is no sound at all when connected to my guitar, and also no sound from the cable when I plug in the.