Maniac Butcher is a black metal band. Maniac Butcher - Cerná Krev CD Photo by Singed Live. rating: 90 votes: 1. Dead But Live - ' (). Since the beginning, Blasphemer (guitars) and me - Barbarud (vocals) are two main members. Now in there is new drummer, Coroner, and two live-members. List of products by Band/Artist Maniac Butcher · Maniac Butcher · Dead But Live. Expect nothing but fast, raw, brutal black metal with relentless blasting and chainsaw like guitar onslaught and a violent wave of harsh vocals. The songs are. Maniac Butcher - Holy War Lyrics. I've spent twenty years learning to live In a world that takes back all that it gives But I do not want a war 'Cause I'm. Barbarians enjoy their lives. They are free! Join them on lucid journey. Join them in Blasphemous Dark Occult Immortal Black Death way. Maniac Butcher. Rock · Helpful Advice, How to Grow Old, and Also Recommendation Suitable for Life and Survival Maniac Butcher (Live). Experience And Final Wisdom lyrics by Maniac Butcher on Epitaph () Betrayal and lie by death and pain Maniac Butcher-2 [Clean] (Live). Free land, free people. Don't except the beginning of the period of the cross. Invasion of unknown priest from the South With strange sign of death on the. MANIAC BUTCHER lyrics - "Barbarians" () album, including "The End Of Barbarians enjoy their lives Hovever, whom work are pain and death.