“Love Me Tender” was Stuart's signature song; a ballad he performed so well in Hamburg it received the best applause during the Beatles' sets at. And the song is great even the doubters say so. Stuart certainly could sing: was the lead in his church choir, and as for "Love Me Tender"he sang that song. Pauline Sutcliffe, sister of Stuart, has known of the existence of a recording of Stuart singing “Love Me Tender” for many years, but was told that it was in a. Listen to Love Me Tender on Spotify. Stuart Sutcliffe · Single · · 1 songs. It is known that Stu sang Love Me Tender with the Beatles. It's possible he sang the song on one the the "quarrymen" "wildman" demos that are. Stuart Sutcliffe singing 'Love Me Tender' by Elvis Presley. (ONLY FOOTAGE OF STU). Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley cover). 1. PREVIEW. Octo. 1 Song, 3 Minutes. ℗ The Estate of Stuart Sutcliffe. United States. Love me Tender (Stuart Sutcliffe & John Lennon) ~Rewriting this~ Lucy has her first day at a new college and the talented and sweet Stuart Sutcliffe catches. Stu Sutcliffe (Stuart Sutcliffe) Love Me Tender lyrics: Love me tender, / Love me sweet, / Never let me go. / You have made my li. The Historical Recording of Stuart Sutcliffe singing Stuart's recording of "Love Me Tender" can be downloaded digitally via several platforms including.