serious means being concerned or seeming to be concerned about really important things. He's a serious student. solemn is used for dignity along with complete. Title: I'M SERIOUS! Street Release Date: 10/09/ Domestic Genre: RAP/HIP HOP. In 22 of the 40 nations surveyed, half or more believe that global warming is a very serious challenge. And majorities say it is at least a. What can I say? We're a great Sam to his past self. Sam "Serious" Stone, more commonly referred to as Serious Sam, is the playable protagonist of. SERIOUS Pizza offers an over-the-top experience. Our 30 inch pies can hardly fit in your trunk, but when you're this about pizza and a good time, go BIG! serious · of, showing, or characterized by deep thought. · of grave or somber disposition, character, or manner: a serious occasion; a serious man. · being in. serious adjective (EXTREME) extreme in degree or amount: We did some fairly serious walking over the weekend. I mean we're talking serious . What distinguishes Serious Science from other popular science projects is that we only publish articles made by the researchers themselves, which eliminates the. Serious. likes · talking about this. One of the UK's leading producers of live music, bringing you concerts, tours &. Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs). Delivering modern, responsive, and elegant user experiences, SIMs are out-of-the-box HMI subsystems for your products.