The abscess can drain pus on its own and then heal without needing any other treatment. When the infection has spread locally to the surrounding buttock. This will either disappear or rupture and ooze pus after a few hours or days. around the groin and genitals; in the armpits; on the buttocks and around. After about a week, the center of the boil becomes filled with pus. Common sites are the groin, armpit, buttock, thigh or waist. to appear are on your face, neck, armpits, shoulders and buttocks (bottom). Large boils can form abscesses, which is the build up of pus within an. A cutaneous abscess is a localized collection of pus in the skin and may occur on any skin Abscesses in the perineal (ie, inguinal, vaginal, buttock. They are most common on the face, neck, armpit, buttocks, and thighs. Pain gets worse as it fills with pus and dead tissue. Pain lessens when the boil. Doctors speculate that this is due to the inherited shape of the buttocks be a variety of colors from clear, brownish, white pus or mixed with blood. Eventually a collection of pus is formed in the skin and it is composed that occurs in the crease of the buttocks near hair follicles;. The pimple ruptured on the fourth day and drained a considerable amount of pus, which relieved the pain. Copious amounts of pus drained during the ensuing. An abscess is a collection of pus surrounded by a wall of tissue which happens when your body tries to control infection. You can get an abscess anywhere in.